Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cricket World Cup: Semi-finals

It's taken a little while, but the World Cup has reached a semi-final stage that promises to serve up two very good matches.
If the quarter-finals were disappointing in the sense that they did not produce any close contests, they at least ensured that the best quartet of teams in the tournament have reached the last four.
The draw has also paired New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and India in the most intriguing way. New Zealand and South Africa are already reasonably well matched, while conditions in Sydney give India much more of a chance against Australia.
The semis and the teams involved throw a spotlight on the four captains, who have their own separate stories in addition to the mission of trying to win the World Cup.
New Zealand's Brendon McCullum is the personification of his nation's hopes, while AB de Villiers is looking to finally shake off South Africa's 'choker' reputation in a year in which he has already done some extraordinary things with the bat.


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